Distributed by Sompex

“Flame” LED candles are now patented

In 2010, our Dusseldorf-based company launched today’s “Original Sompex Flame” onto the market, as exclusive European sales partner. And with extreme success. After careful examination by the European Patent Office, this innovation was awarded the “patent EP 2587127B1” seal in early 2017. The Sompex LED candles “Flame” are equipped with a practical 24-hour timer as well as a built-in remote-control function and they are available in various shapes, colours, sizes and also as LED tealight or outdoor candles. They are the sole to ensure a safe and economical atmosphere, thanks to their exclusive patented system. Both indoors and outdoors.


In the meantime, a large number of copies are on sale, breaching patent laws. This is what Sompex CEO Stephan Burghard points out and explains: “The manufacturer of the LED candles would like to clean up the market as of summer 2017 – a logical measure, which is exactly what we have been hoping for.”

The LED candles “Flame” with real wax and timer are available in different shapes, colours and sizes. They are superb as safe and economical high-quality light sources, ensuring harmonious indoor lighting, and partly also outdoors.